Welcome to 5B!

This year our school-wide theme is "Explore! Experience! Evaluate!" which is inspired by Psalm 34:8. As a class we will be exploring this theme in addition to our Grade 5 storyline: "Managing Mistakes: Mistakes are Expected, Respected, Inspected, and Corrected." This concept will be woven throughout our curricular units as we discover the creative and redemptive ways God uses our mistakes to teach us more about who He is and who we are.

A Little About Myself...

My name is Mrs. Bakker. 16 years ago my adult life kicked off with a graduation from Dordt University (degrees in elementary and special education) and marriage to Matt Bakker, a CCS alum. I had the priveledge of teaching at Christian schools in New York and Minnesota for 5 years pre-kids. Since then I've continued to love being involved in education through homeschooling, tutoring in-person & online, and substitute teaching. Matt and I have been challenged and streched by 6 relocations (New York, Minnesota, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Manitoba) including 8 different homes! God has used all these experiences to teach me about His omnipotence and provision. I am excited to join the team at Calvin and hope to be a blessing to your children!

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