Welcome to 5B!

This year our school-wide theme is "Explore! Experience! Evaluate!" which is inspired by Psalm 34:8. As a class we will be exploring this theme in addition to our Grade 5 storyline: "Managing Mistakes: Mistakes are Expected, Respected, Inspected, and Corrected." This concept will be woven throughout our curricular units as we discover the creative and redemptive ways God uses our mistakes to teach us more about who He is and who we are.

A Little About Myself...

Welcome to my website! My name is Mrs. Bakker. Since graduating from Dordt University in 2004, I married Matt Bakker, taught at Christian schools in New York and Minnesota, and traveled the world. Matt and I have been challenged and streched by 6 relocations (New York, Minnesota, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Manitoba) including 8 different homes! We have three girls. Our oldest will be at the collegiate this fall.  I am excited to be on the Calvin team again this year. My favourite subjects to teach are science and math!

Back when I was in grade 5 I loved sports (and still do)! Sitting in a desk was my least favourite activity. I try to mix a lot of movement into the school day. I am thankful for three recess breaks at Calvin, in addition to PE most days of the week!

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